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 The Plantation

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PostSubject: The Plantation   Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:12 pm

I'm wanting to try something different. Perhaps an RP where everyone can sign up to be said characters for a story.
Have some NPC and such in it. Like a Dungeons and Dragons board game.

I'll be the narrator, and play parts along the way of different characters as well.

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PostSubject: Re: The Plantation   Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:25 pm

The Ouija Board.

From the French "oui" and the German "ja", it is also known as the talking board, or the spirit board. A flat board with numbers, symbols, and letters, used to communicate with the outside world. The afterlife, if you will. The marker (planchette), shaped almost like an upside down heart, or a spade type, is movable along the flat surface. There is a clear piece, or hole in some cases, that will hover over the letters, numbers, and symbols, to spell words and indicate what the spirit is saying back during a seance. Each participant places their finger tips along the planchette as they sit in a circle around the board.

Followers of the christian beliefs believe that the "talking board" can help people communicate with demons.
Other believe that it is just spirits trapped in limbo, searching for a way out only to stumble upon the living trying to communicate with them.
Another belief, is that neither spirits nor demons are the ones communicating back. That it is Lucifer himself on the other end...


It was your ordinary summer vacation. Seniors just graduated and are looking for some summer fun; parties, late nights, alcohol and drugs. Typical things. For five individuals, whom were among the seniors who just graduated, were looking for some fun. A thrill, an adventure or two.

They decided among themselves, to put together a "slumber" party. An event to kick off the summer fun, something that they would never forget. Of course it was the typical "I'm staying at so and so's house," routine. Hell, their parents didn't care either way. Just as long as they were out of the house for awhile. Well, little did they parents know what their kids were getting into. Five friends venturing out to an abandoned plantation home for a sleep over and a bon-fire of sorts.

This house, built in the 1800's, sits in the middle of a remotely small town, on top of a hill in total darkness. Peeling paint, lose boards, broken windows, spider webs, graffiti, it all made this place stand out more. But perhaps it was only that... When slavery was banished, the house slowly lost it's touch. The owners had up and disappeared from the property. There's no telling where they had gone, that is, if they had even left to begin with. Stories and rumors had floated around the town, along to neighboring towns as well. Creating a reputation for this home that long lived up to the name. The Devil's Den.

Now I know what you're thinking, an emblematic name for a house that was built long ago. But stories and rumors had gathered from other kids, even adults, whom had ventured beyond the doors. Missing persons reports and fliers started to pile up on boards, store windows, and telephone poles all over the streets. Stories of seeing the owners wandering around the unlit halls and rooms of the home. Seeing the slaves out in the back yard searching for peace. But it was only a few years ago, that the depression and search parties had given up. That everyone had finally moved on and started a new. Not a single soul ever suspected the plantation. How could a wooden structure murder or kidnap so many? It was irrelevant in this situation.

As the story goes, it was said that the owners had a countless number of slaves in this plantation home. Once slavery was over with, they seemed to have no use for them anymore. Not being able to deal with the fact that they now had their freedom… well, these people didn’t agree with it. So they did what they could to stop them from leaving, to dispose of them when the time came to do so.

In the back of the tall house, there were two metal doors that laid slanted from the exterior of the house. Making it seem like they had a basement attached. But it was no basement. When the home was constructed, the owners had a pit dug into the bottom that took up about a quarter of the left side corner of the foundation. A straight drop into cement it seemed. Not only that.. As sick and twisted as these people seemed to be, in the back yard about a ways into the trees, there was a large fire pit. You can only imagine what that was used for. Some rumors state, that faint smoke can be seen from the trees on the hill behind that house. Likely? No one truly knows. The owners had apparently shoved the slaves into the pit, and or threw them into the fire pit. For the longest time, even to this very day -though it is very, very faint- there is a stench that fills the air. Burning and rotting flesh. And at night, the passer biers who dare to drive up that hill just to have a look see through their car windows, have said that a light is on. Shining through only the top attic window on the front side of the house.

Today was the day. The day the group would get together with their things packed to meet up at a small family owned gas station that sat just down at the bottom of that hill. Prepared to venture towards that home, with Ouija board packed in tight; food and supplies as well. Ready for the night to give them all it has to offer.

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PostSubject: Re: The Plantation   Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:40 pm

Now, as for the roles in this story line. You all may choose a character to play. Up to 5 individuals.
Some things will be NPC'd, and I as well narrate and play several different characters to keep the story going.

For the beginning, I'd like each of you to set your story in your character's home, getting ready and packing things for the night at the plantation home.
You may add in details of family life, siblings, parents so on so forth, if you'd like to give a better feel and more characteristics for the person you are role playing.
Just remember, all must meet up at the gas station to finally start this off. I will give a description of the place once all characters have reached said destination.

If you have any questions about this role play, feel free to send me a message on here, I'll gladly answer.

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PostSubject: Re: The Plantation   Tue Aug 10, 2010 4:52 am

Katie tripped over a pile of clothes on the floor, her leg twisting to dump her to the ground, landing on her hands and knees and dropping the pink mobile phone in her hand that she had been talking on. A pained grunt emitted from her lips as she landed, quickly grabbing her phone and shoving it back to her ear, twisting to sit on her behind and refold the clothes she tripped over, laughter filling her ear from the speaker of the phone.

"Did you just fall?" More laughter.
"Yes, and I broke my leg, there is blood everywhere! And you're laughing?!" A small smile curved her pale pink lips as she playful chastised the voice on the other end.
"Didn't I tell you to get the super's." Again, more laughter, both from the phone and Katie.
"Oh my god, you're disgusting." Putting her hand on the pale pink bed spread, she heaved herself back to her feet, bending to retrieve the clothes on the floor before turning to the bag spread open like a centerfold on her bed. Tipping her head against her shoulder to wedge her phone between her shoulder and her ear, she used both hands to stuff the clothes into the bag while chattering away. She had the essentials, underwear, a selection of bathing suits - she couldn't decide which pair, the blue with white strings, or the purple ones? - clothes for tomorrow, shorts if it was warm, jeans if it was cold, a jumper and a tee shirt. A toothbrush, tooth paste, hair brush, make up, jewelry, money, and tucked away beneath everything else, a healthy amount of condoms, and a small zip-lock bag with white powder safely locked inside.

"You're good for the stuff right?" The voice was hushed in her ear now, "you know, the..." there was a pause, and it took a moment for Katie to realize she had to finish the sentence.
"For the alcohol and drugs?" Her voice too was suddenly lowered to a whisper.
"Yeah, that stuff."
"Packing them as we speak." She shoved her hand into the pocket of her tight shorts and pulled out another zip-lock bag, a handful of small, round, white pills inside this one. It was shoved inside the bag with the powder. Walking to the dresser, she opened her underwear draw and pulled out a few bottles of straight Vodka, Whiskey and Bourbon, the labels had been removed, marked only with a black letter, 'V', 'W', or 'B' from a permanent marker. Wrapping these in tea towels, she put each bottle in the bag at different intervals so they wouldn't clink and get them all in trouble, or break through her bag. For final touches, she grabbed a pillow from her bed, white of course, and put it on top of everything in the duffel bag, pulled the sides together and zipped it all up.

"We're ready to rock and roll." She grinned at herself in the mirror of her dresser. "Leaving now, I'll see you in 5." Some kissing noises were heard on the other line, returned with her own, puckering up at her reflection to make a loud 'mwah' sound in the microphone of her phone. "Love you too. Bye!" Snapping her phone shut, she shoved it into the pocket of her shorts and leaned over to grab the light grey cardigan that was draped over the foot of her bed, slipping her arms into it, she straightened the assortment of white singlets she was wearing, assessed her make-up, pulled down her singlets again to show off more of her cleavage, then lifted it up to hide it. Deciding it looked better with cleavage, she again pulled the shirts down a fraction. Her many bangles, bracelets and necklaces chimed as she rushed around her room to get her white ballet flats, shoving her feet into them once she finally found them, using her fingers to get them on properly.
Grabbing the strap of the grey duffel bag she slung it over her head to rest around her backside. Moving her blonde fringe out of her eyes, she left the room and descended the staircase into the kitchen where the keys to the four-wheel drive lay on the bench.

"Going now!" she hollered down the hall way to wherever her mother or father was as she grabbed the keys with the infamous clinking keys make when they're disturbed in the slightest way. Rushing outside she unlocked the Land Rover and set her bag in the back on the folded seats where it wouldn't move and smash the precious liquid inside. Jumping into the drivers seat she started the engine, reversed slowly, then sped off down the round to the petrol station the small group would be meeting at.

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PostSubject: Re: The Plantation   Sun Aug 29, 2010 5:33 pm

Danny closed his cell phone and shoved it into his pants pocket, still chuckling from the phone call as he made his way to his desk. He reached out towards his stereo and turned the volume nob to the right to turn the music up, he then moved towards his closet. Sliding the white rolling doors open, he eyed the shirts and pants that hung from the hangers in front of him. The smile faded into a slight frown as he assessed his wardrobe. With a shrug of his shoulder, he started to pull some t-shirts down from the hangers and tossed them over his shoulder onto the floor next to his bag. After the t-shirts, came his jeans and shorts. He sat down on his knees, folding the clothes up best he could before placing them in the bag carelessly. Oh well for wrinkles.

His head bobbed along with the music that was blaring as he crawled towards his bed. Reaching under the foot of his bed, he pulled out a shoe box and took the lid off of it. Revealing a glass pipe, some cigarette papers and a pack of grape blunts. Along those, there was a smaller tin can in which held his paraphernalia inside of it. He grabbed them all out of the box and shoved it back under the bed before scooting back over to his bag. Along the inside was another small pocket that he unzipped and shoved the stuff inside of it. He felt accomplished then, and closed the bag. He was pretty much ready to get out of the house. His parents were gone for the weekend, something about a vacation from him. Why couldn't he have a vacation as well? It's not like he had any younger siblings to watch and take care of while his parents were away. He was going out to have fun with his friends. The thought made him feel smug as he snagged his bag from the floor, heading over to the stereo to shut it off before turning around and making his way towards the staircase to the living room.

Dropping his bag in front of the front door, Danny quickly made his way to the kitchen for some snacks. Two bags of chips, some canned raviolis and a whole 12 can case of soda. He was highly prepared for the weekend to come. He stood there at the kitchen sink for a moment, lost in somewhat of a daze as he thought about Katie. A grin washed over his face as he pushed away from the sink, snatching up his snacks and drinks and heading towards the front door only to set everything down next to his bag as his cell phone started to go off. He shoved his hand into his pocket to retrieve it, flipping it open at the same time before putting it against his ear.


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PostSubject: Re: The Plantation   Sun Aug 29, 2010 6:52 pm

Jack made his way up the stairs, feet pounding against the carpeted boards loudly, careless of the noise. Nobody was home. His little sister Jamie was at a friends house for the night, and his mom and dad had their monthly "Date-Night". The thought of his parents, already done with their date, getting it on in some hotel, sent shivers of disgust and abhorration up his spine. He continued through the hall way and into his room, simultaneously pulling his phone from his pockets and dialing while picking his way over the clutter in the room, as well as the fat-ass excuse for a cat who made its home in his man-cave. He stood in the middle of his room, holding the ringing phone to his ear while glancing about to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. A bag, filled with necessities, such as spare boxers, pants, t-shrts, shorts, all that shit. The first ring. A 12-pack of soda, plus a deluxe bag of marshmallows and other things that apparently tasted good when lit aflame. The second ring. Obviously a cell phone. The third ring. It was then that he finally heard a familiar voice on the other end of the phone.

"Calm down, it's just me." Jack gave his duffel bag another once over. Everything was set. A sleeping bag and pillow were strapped to the top of the bag.

"Oh, hey Jack. You're still coming right?"

"Why wouldn't I?" he snorted. "So, I'm assuming Katie's tagging along."

"Of course she is." He heard a snort on the other side of the line the mimicked his own.

"She's bringing...it right?" Jack ran a finger over the silver class ring he wore absentmindedly. "Okay, good. I'll meet you guys down there in a few." A click ended the phone call and he flipped it closed. He should have guessed that Katie would be coming. Danny invited her to everything...and why wouldn't he? It was pretty obvious with the way he acted at the very mention of her.

Jack sat on his bed, running a hand down his face, while feeling the familiar brush against his leg. He reached his hand down to pet the obese feline, scratching it behind the ear until it let out a contented purr. Jack was glad that he didn't have to bring any of the drugs...or the alchohol. He wasn't opposed to using them...he just didn't want to be caught as the supplier. He sighed, pushing himself off of the bed and slinging the duffel bag over his shoulder. He made his way downstairs, swiping the keys from the countertop. He hopped into his car and started it up, the engine roaring to life. "Finally..." And he made a beeline for the gas station.
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PostSubject: Re: The Plantation   Wed Sep 08, 2010 2:38 am

”You do know that place is haunted, right?” So caught up in her own troubles of getting her rebellious hair to sit perfectly upon her skull, Sheila jumped in fright with the amused words to come from behind her, a gasp slipping past crimson painted lips. Gaining her composure, she waved her hand at her roommate in dismiss of such foolish words. “Old Wives tales, Celia. Created by pissed off neighbours that weren’t pleased with teenagers always being beside ‘em.” A faint mist of hair spray settled over the fiery red curls that had been piled high upon her head, a poker-dotted bow finishing off the look. Checking her make up once more, she added another smudge of blush to her cheeks, adding to the already rosy look before she rose from the plush seat in front of the spacious mirror.

”Oh? Then how do you explain Robbie’s disappearance? And all the others?”

Hands grasped the fraying edges of the torn denim skirt, tugging it down slightly on her hips before she moved forward once more. An accompanying creak of leather occupied each bending of her leg with each stride she took in the thigh high, chunky-heeled boots. “People disappear every day. Geez, Celia just come along instead of acting like such a bitch!”

”Bitch? Just because I’m warning you?” Outrage shone deeply in Celia’s eyes as well as the faint gleam of worry yet of course, Sheila only saw what she wished to see.

“Warning me?” A soft snort of amusement followed the repeating of her roommate’s words as she dropped to her knees beside her untidy bed. “More like trying to stop me from going. Just call Brett!” A small chest was pulled out from under the bed as she spoke, the old lock falling to the floor with a quiet thump as she opened it. The chest was of 16th century, a gift from her uptight mother when she was younger. Sheila would have loved to see her mother’s face if she knew what Sheila kept within it. “I’m sure he can keep you occupied..” Sheila added in disgust, the male in question nothing but a sleaze no matter what his charming looks portrayed. A zip-locked pouch containing a large quantity of white powder was taken from the chest and dropped into the shoulder back pack upon the bed before the chest was closed and slipped back into its hiding place.

”I don’t see what you have against, Brett!” Sheila rose once more, stepping to her bedside table only to grab the bottle of straight vodka she had snatched from the shop down the road the night before and shoved it into her backpack as well.The first drawer of the table was flung open, a hand quickly rummaging around within it only to be pulled away. Within its grasp was a 40 pack of Longbeach Original which was thrown into the front pocket of the bag; smokes she could not live without. The red lighter was quickly stuffed down her bra. “He’s such a sleaze, Celia...and a cheat! When will you see this?” ”You’re just jealous! I can get a good, sweet man yet you cannot have a relationship any longer than a week! Amazed you haven’t tried to catch the attention of Brett, you do to anyone else’s boyfriend..” Sheila paused, hand grasping the door handle. Earthy hazel orbs locked on the slightly taller woman who stood no more than a metre or two from her. “Hell, won’t you be happy if I go missing! Ya won’t be stressing over Brett ditching you!” She sneered only to fling the door open and then slam it behind her.

Sheila hurriedly rushed down the steps, heaving the back pack higher upon her back as she signalled for a taxi out front of the Sunshine Apartments. With giving the driver sharp directions, she settled in for the short drive to the gas station where they’d all planned to meet up at.


Dainty fingers nimbly folded the V-neck woollen long sleeve; not a crease tainting it as she gentle placed it upon the rest of the clothing she had decided to pack for the trip. “Wear something warm, Sarah. You’ll catch your death if you and Katie go swimming like you did last time. It's going to be a cold one tonight” A quiet sigh slipped past naturally pale lips, the edges twitching in a soft smile at her mother’s worry. “I’m taking my hoodie, mum. Yanno..the one with the fur around the hood? Yas got it for Christmas for me last year.” ”Speak properly, Sarah..” Her mother scolded, correcting her ‘Yanno’ and ‘Yas’.

With a roll of her eyes at her mother’s tone, Sarah moved to her vintage designed dresser. A hand grasped the glittery brush that rested upon it only to run it through the long, straightened tresses that gleamed a rich golden in the light. ”Why must you straighten your hair? It’s not god’s way to change who you are.” Now it was Sarah’s turn to possess the disapproving tone of her soft, lyrical voice. “I am not harming anyone with straightening my hair. It is not a sin, mother.” She muttered, slipping the brush into the duffel bag along with her toothbrush and toothpaste she had grabbed from her bathroom.

”What movie are you guys seeing anyway? And who’s Katie taking?”

The sudden disturbance of a car horn drew Sarah straight to her window, stunning blues grasping the familiar Porche within their visage. Lips tore back in a grin, the expression seeming almost dopey. ”It is a double date, right? You can’t have Katie being dragged along behind you and Luke. It just wouldn’t be right.” The question caused Sarah to hesitate as she watched Luke wander up to her family’s front door. “…Danny, ma. Katie is bring Danny..and we don’t know what movie we are seeing yet.” Sarah quickly reached for her bag, shoving her duffel bag on top of the baby-blue pillow before zipping it up. Grabbing the handles of it, she lifted it from her bed; struggling to hold it herself after having filled it with ‘half-of-her-wardrobe’ and stumbled down the stairs to her awaiting boyfriend.

“Where’s Dad?” She asked, amazed he wasn’t beside her, glaring at Luke. Luke had been raised in a biblical family just like herself but had been placed in the care of his grandparents with his younger sister after the disappearance of his parents when he was but a young boy of ten. Attended church each Sunday and had a bright future yet her father still quite simply hated Luke.

“At the church, preparing for Mrs. Jones's child’s christening tomorrow.” She replied lightly, opening the door and greeting her daughter’s boyfriend. Luke smiled warmly at Sarah’s mother as he grabbed the heavy bag for her. As always, Sarah turned slightly shy as she always did around him yet managed to murmur a 'thank you'.
”Look after my daughter, Luke…and make sure Sarah and Katie get back to Katie’s safely..” Fingers fumbled with the rosary beads to suddenly appear in her mother’s hands, Sarah’s parental already beginning to worry.
”Of course, Mrs. Cooper. I’d protect both with my life.” That grin returned to boyish features as he stepped to the side for Sarah to get through the doorway after she quickly pecked her mother on the cheek.

Once out of ear-shot and seated within the silver Porche, Sarah turned her head slightly, golden brow quirked. “Do you have it?” Luke said not a word yet merely continued to merrily grin as he lightly patted the bag on the back seat. “Good..” Luke’s foot hit the accelerator causing the Porche to lurch forward and speed off…past the movies and towards the gas station.


The unmistakeable clank of a spanner against concrete was the last sound to fill the shed before the male rose from the ground beside the motorcycle Kye had built from the ground up. Grease smudged hands reached for the rag hanging out of the back pocket of his jeans only then to be used to get the blackened marks off each hand and corded lower arm. Once finished, the filthy rag was thrown onto the table by his side.

Bag had already been packed and rested against the back tire of the bike yet his jacket still was inside the house. With a quiet sigh causing broad shoulders to rise before slightly slumping, he moved through the door that connected garage to laundry; leaving the door ajar instead of fully closing it. ”Kye! Another Beer!” So used to the same snappish order, Kye had already pulled out the beer from the fridge, the third rack of the fridge beginning to look bare of beers. “Here, pa.” The beer was dropped into his father hand only for his father to drop the empty one to the floor, adding to the building up collection of empty tinnies and bottles all of which..Kye stepped over without a second glance.

”Where you going anyway, Boy?” The slurred words caused Kye to shake his head, a hand rising to run through the midnight mane that occupied his scalp and finished in a shaggy array of waves just above his shoulders. “Out with a few friends, Dad..” Hands rested on the warn leather of his jacket, waiting for the remarks that were sure to slip from his father’s blabbering lips. ”Just like your bloody mother. Good for nothing. She fricken was reduced to a whore house...you’ll be in prison for life in the next couple of months. I bet a grand on it!” With a quiet sigh parting full lips, Kye shrugged the old jacket on; the garment fitting him perfectly as if it had been made for him.

Towering frame moved from the hallway and back into the living room where his drunken father lounged, gambling away his pay on a greyhound as usual. Deep, dark green orbs trapped his old man as he spoke. “We’ve been through this, Dad. If I can’t get a job as a mechanic, I’ll be signing up for the army” If only to escape the stench of alcohol and smoke that clung to everything within the house. ”I’ll believe it when I see it.”

“Yes Dad..” Kye quickened his pace to get out the door from which he had come, not wishing to deal with his father’s remarks about his mother or about himself. Kye had all but raised himself. His father nothing but an alcoholic, a gambler and a moody man who had a son he found worthless yet Kye was nothing close to worthless. He did indeed have a bright future even if his father wished to be blinded and not see it. Throat constricted and relaxed as he swallowed, once more wishing for his mother to return or at least allow him to get in contact with her.

Massive hand gripped the handle of the cycle, as he flung his leg over it. Leaning back he grasped the bag on the ground, where the bottle of Rum rested within, and slipped it onto his back. With a muttered prayer that the bike would start, he rose and flicked his foot down to kick start it. Lips twitched in a faint smirk as he lightly revved it, giving it a moment to warm up before he skidded out of the garage and onto the back road of town.

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The Plantation
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