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 For the Paranormal Thread

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PostSubject: For the Paranormal Thread   Sat May 22, 2010 11:49 pm

This one.... it going to be a little tricky.

This will be the Character sheet for those who's characters are playing the living.

Role Play Title:

Full Name:



Job Title/ Description: (for those taking part in settling a paranormal "matter")

Your part in this: (for those playing the role of other persons in this RP)

Full Name:

Age at death: (for those playing the paranormal)

Spirit/ demon: (take your pick, if you have another preference feel free to post it here)


Cause of Death:

Reason for being among the living:

**This was just a quick set up of the character sheet, if you feel that I did not add something to your
liking, feel free to add it and I will edit this.

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For the Paranormal Thread
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