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 Zombie takeover

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PostSubject: Zombie takeover   Zombie takeover EmptySun Apr 04, 2010 8:24 pm

Date: Current
Location: Any, although it'd be easier if we were all in or near the same country.
Storyline: In the late 1990's Russia was hard at work secretly developing a virus that would effectively subdue entire countries and allow them to wage war with little casualties on either side. Years passed as the program slipped father and father into obscurity. Finally it was forgot in the tumult of the new world.
Sealed cartons of vials lay idly in containment at a Vozhaikha facility. Since abandoned the facility was scheduled to be cleaned and demolished later that decade around 2006. At the time no one knew of the vials which held the virus that would soon turn the world into a pit of chaos and death. The site was opened once again as crews of scientists worked to remove all material which would have been deemed biologically unsafe, among the debris were three unmarked containers.
The vials were marked as possible contaminates and shipped off to Moskva to be disposed of. During transportation the van was blindsided as it crossed over the reka Moskva river, where it sank killing it's driver as well as releasing several hundred pounds of highly toxic chemicals into the water system.
Over a period of months people began to feel the effects of the virus as it spread through their water supply, slowly altering their minds. After one year it was officially deemed an epidemic. Hospitals found themselves understaffed as person after person stumbled through their doors, coughing blood. The virus showed many characteristics of Anthrax as it tore it's way across the European countries.

Symptoms usually included -
-Severe bleeding (hemorrhage)
-Fluid buildup in the chest
-Sores, especially on the face, arms or hands, that starts as a raised bump and develops into a painful necrotic sore.

To ensure it's spread the virus was engineered to be able to be transmitted through bodily fluids such as blood. Millions died as scientists scrambled for a vaccine against it. New mutations within the virus's DNA kept it from killing it's host, instead it destroyed their cognitive functions leaving them a shell of a human. With the lack of higher brain functions instinctual urges kicked in. Extreme aggression set in, followed by a severe need for food, primarily meat.
Response was to slow to combat the hundreds of millions of bodies that swarmed over Europe, soon the entire country was considered quarantined and left for dead.

Now that virus has spread to the other side of the world....
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PostSubject: Re: Zombie takeover   Zombie takeover EmptyMon May 03, 2010 7:40 pm

Ryan hopped out of the car, closing the driver's seat door of his Explorer with a rather loud slam. The keys jangled happily as he tossed them back and forth from hand to hand before shoving them into his pocket. He took in a deep breath, the pungent and salty air burning deep into his nostrils. Sandaled feet carried him from the parking lot to the hot dunes of the Chesapeake Bay Beach. He finally stopped at the tide's edge, standing up straight as he looked out across the cresting waves. Everyday he had done this. It was a stress reliever, allowing him to take it all in, and calm his ever troubled mind. He listened to the everday noises of the beach. The crash of the waves against the sandy shores. Seagulls flying overhead, cawing obnoxiously as they scavenged for leftover food scraps carelessly tossed about by prior beach-goers. Young children dashed past, giggling and yelling as they spooked the gulls and played with toys.

The sun was setting over the chaotic ocean, its green waters now fading away into a monotone grey. Ryan slipped off his sandals and inched closer to the surf. He scrunched up his toes, wet sand squirming in between, only to be washed away by oncoming waves. He smiled, finally settling into that perfect world of peace and quiet, as if he were the only one left on the beac...until his watch beeped cacophonously. And so ended his time to himself. He sighed, slipping back into his footwear. He looked up from his feet, a scanning glance given to the rest of the beach. Well, that explained the sudden silence. Nobody was left on the beach. Had they all left so quickly? At the same time? He was sure that he had only been here for a good ten minutes. Not even the gulls were present, apparently finding no scraps for them to scrounge for. Odd..

Ryan took one last look at the horizon, the sun nearly ready to dip beneath the suddenly choppy bay. He hopped back into his car, the engine roaring to life as he started the ignition, and with it, the radio. The news was on. The usual news anchors broadcasted. Ryan groaned, hand reaching for the "Seek" button, though he stopped as he heard something other than the usual weather and traffic report.

The female news reporter spoke. "Hospitals all along the east coast of the U.S. have been severely backed up with patients who seem to have contracted a new virus. All wards have been filled, and all waiting rooms stuffed to the point of bursting. Many seem to be calling this new illness an 'epidemic'. The virus seems to cause hemorrhaging, fluid in the chest cavity, and open sores. The Doctors have informed the public that this 'epidemic' is nothing to worry about, and that though it is severe enough for the hospital, it is not life threatening. Some say that those who have contracted it soon go crazy and develop animalistic behavior, though the officials dismiss it as overreaction among citizens. However, be warned, that this infection is highly contagious. So remember parents, keep your children indoors and if they develop signs of this disease, seek help immediately. In other news..."

Ryan clicked off the radio. An epidemic? He vaguely remembered watching a news bulliton about the same subject one morning with his friend and roommate, Matt. He shook his head. He rarely got sick. Why should this be any different? He would just have to make sure he got plenty of sleep, ate right, blah blah blah...

Within the next ten minutes, Ryan had reached the apartment building. He left the Explorer out in the parking lot, making his way up the stairs of the building, and opening the door to his and Matt's section. Once he stepped inside, he immediately went blind. "Matt! Forget to leave the lights on for me?" He knew Matt was still here. His car had been parked out front. He shrugged, flicking on the lights and illuminating the scene before him. Wide, grey eyes took in the destruction. The coffee table had been broken in half, one half laying in the center of the room, and the other lodged in the destroyed screen of their tv. Ruts had been dug into the walls, foul, rotten liquid oozing down from the walls. And the smell! It had smelled like 100 stray cats had rolled around in their litter boxes and died, left to rot for a month. Blood splatters of various shapes and stained the carpet and furniture. Jessica's (Matt's girlfriend) hand bag lay on the floor, keys, lipgloss, and a bag of tampons strewn about. The keys had blood on the tips, as if they had been used in self defense.

Ryan stood frozen with fear, but was soon jolted out of it as a loud gurgling and crunching sound came from the shower area. He struggled to keep quiet, breathing loud and nervous. He unlocked one of the drawers in the kitchen area, sliding it open and pulling out a 9mm pistol. Luckily, he had purchased and been permitted to use one the previous year. He held the gun in front of him, slowly creeping towards the shower. He stopped right in front, his finger pressed lightly against the trigger. He threw back the curtain, finding Matt ontop of a mutilated Jessica.

Ryan staggered backwards, looking down at his friend. His shirt had been partially torn off, revealing what seemed to be a vast amount of rotting flesh. Jessica had numerous bite marks, skin gashed open and her top ripped off. Her eyes were dull and glazed, signifying her death. It appeared Matt was the source of the gurgling noises, and the flesh and muscle of Jessica was shoved in handful by fetid handful. What had happened? What seemed to be his best friend was now feasting on the form of his girlfriend, with the complexion of a dead man. Suddenly, Matt shot up, bloodshot eyes fixated on Ryan as he descended on his friend for another feast.
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PostSubject: Re: Zombie takeover   Zombie takeover EmptyWed May 26, 2010 10:21 pm

Miyo walked in the Middle of the deserted roads, She looked around as her long Blond hair was covered by a black hood that partly hid her eye's. Her Light blue eye's scanned the area again, over and over, as her hand rested on her Walter pk47 (I believe it is) Pistol. Her flats was close to not making a sound as they hit the pavment. Her black leggings hid her legs while she wore a black and red Tripp Skirt. She wore a black tanktop with a black and red Hoddie over it. She Kept walking, on the surface it seemed that she was not fassed by anything, but underneath she was scared and horrified. She was only Seventeen and wasn't prepared for seeing her, Mom and her mom's boyfriend be eaten alive. She didn't even know how she got out of that house, she just knew she grabbed the gun and ran.

She proberly should have been hiding in the alley's, but it wasn't even morning where she was, Good old South Dakota, you can't trust it. She would rather walk around the cars that where almost on fire, then in the alley's, where it was easier to get trapped in. She kept walking until she heard a clatter, it sounded like a tin garbege can. Her breathing picked up as she turned around and saw one of them. She physically flinched at the site of the blood running down his body, his teeth stained with the blood of others. She wanted to fall and cry, but swore to herself, that she would be strong. She saw that the...man was looking around, she almost sighed since she guess he hadn't found her yet, She slowly stated walking to a almost perfect car and silient slipped into it. She was glad the windows were rolled up, She tried to close the door silently but it still made a noise and the, man, she guess that's what she would call him, looked over at where she was at. She hid down on the floor bored and looked around scared half to death out of her mind. She cowered when she heard a bang against the car, All she wanted to do was cry right now.

She went to crawl into the back when her head got partly stabbed. She went to go touch her head, when she felt something cold, and partly jagged against her hand. She looked at it and held back her tears of joys. Car keys, they where in the care, in the ignition, She got lucky, it was a miracle. She quickly got into the drivers seat and almost hit her self. she locked the door and hung her head in partly shame. When the man saw movment he went even more crazy and she hurridly started the car. She slowly eased out where she was trying not to pay attention to the man, when she found a clear part of the road, she gunned it down it, hurridly making her get away.
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Zombie takeover
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