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 New Role Playing Rules

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New Role Playing Rules Empty
PostSubject: New Role Playing Rules   New Role Playing Rules EmptySat Apr 03, 2010 3:43 am

New Role Playing Rules Rprule14

First and foremost, to abide by the actual site rules.
-there will be no porn images
-no rps of a sexual nature
-keep the vulgarity to a minimum

As for the RP Rules

-No rps of a sexual nature
-Try not to get too graphic in detail
-There will be no rps that have to do with rape
-OOC posts will be in a separate thread
-No God Modding

I ask that you respect the other members of this forum.
It works both ways, give respect to earn respect.

First Warning - A private message from a forum moderator.
Second Warning - Warning will be posted in the thread. The post will be edited.
Third Warning - You will be banned from the thread for however many days the moderator sees fit.

**P.S. If you feel that there is anything that I may have missed, feel free to post on this thread.
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New Role Playing Rules
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